Shamrock Golf Club Inc.

1722 Shamrock Drive
Burlington, North Carolina 27215

To Whom It May Concern;
Ten years ago, we initiated a Parent-Child Golf Tournament for our county. Since its inception, this event has grown rapidly. This year we attracted 1250 players.

We have had every trick shot artist imaginable, several National Long Drive Champs, and such professional stars as Lanny Wadkins, Bobby Wadkins, Debbie Massey, and Jane Crafter. They have all been excellent, but the very best with the crowd and all the children has been “Divot the Clown.”

“Divot” has continually done more than expected before and after his show. The actual demonstration he performs is great. The interaction with the children and their parents is very special. “Divot” has become a fixture at our event, and the one performer the audience requests each year.

Steve Walker
PGA Golf Professional

Steve Walker, PGA Golf Professional