Golf's a Funny Game

Divot The Clown

Worlds Greatest Golfing Clown

Golfing trick shot artist and PGA Professional, Kevin Compare, a.k.a., “Divot the Clown” performs his delightfully captivating trick shot exhibitions at numerous tournaments and golf facilities all over the country, providing a number of different types of trick shot exhibitions, all of which demonstrate his unique talent, amazing physical skills and pure enthusiasm for golf.

Known around the country as the World’s Greatest Golfing Clown, wearing 22-inch-long golf shoes and carrying a golf bag full of props, “Divot” puts on a show that appeals to everyone ages 1 to 100. Not only does he entertain audiences, but he demonstrates his unique talent, amazing physical skills and pure enthusiasm for golf. Children as well as adults marvel at his awesome skills and athletic ability. Besides using golf “clubs” that look like a tennis racquet and a baseball bat, “Divot” also displays some spectacular shots like shooting of a series of golf balls from a stride position fit for a gymnast, and using a switch hitting form and scissoring off a battery of perfectly struck balls.

For over ten years “Divot” has appeared throughout the country averaging 45 shows per year. Currently he is Head Instructor at the Total Performance Golf School being held at Wood Lake Country Club in Vass, North Carolina. Compare has found it easy to take his clown act on the road, especially since his teaching is on a seasonal rotation. He has been very pleased with how well “Divot” has been received and anticipates more growth and exciting, new adventures for “Divot” in the future.

“Divot’s” popularity and golfing ability have allowed him to golf with leading pro golfers and celebrities making him a very favored guest and competitor as well. Says Gary Carter, voice of the Florida Marlins, Divot is “not just a clown, but in my estimation the greatest golfing clown in the world.”

As his popularity grows, so does his schedule. Compare has set a goal of 60 shows for “Divot” in 1995 and through word of mouth, publicity and extended sponsor opportunities, he very well may reach that goal. “Divot” doesn’t mind at all, he has recently appeared on the cover of two popular children’s magazines and has started a “Divot the Clown” club. Because “Divot” cares about kids of all ages, he tries to show how the fun and challenges of golf parallels with the lessons of life. And with a heart like that, is it any wonder that “Divot the Clown” is world famous?