Clown steals show from Daly and Frost at GHO golf clinic


Cromwell -- John Daly was a surprise addition to the Coca-Cola golf clinic yesterday, but his exhibition didn’t last long. After being introduced by defending GHO champion David Frost, Daly crushed a handful of tee shots with his driver and then disappeared into the clubhouse. Frost did not hit any balls, opting to turn the program over to Divot the Clown, who amazed the crowd of young golfers with a variety of trick shots.

Divot, also known as Kevin Compare, 37 hit one shot off the top of a football 200 yards down the middle. The highlight of the program was when he dropped a ball out of his mouth, bounced it once and drove it 250 yards straight ahead. Frost, who had been watching a few yards away on the driving range, liked the shot so much he asked for a repeat performance. After the shot, Frost dropped to his knees and bowed in appreciation.

To many in the crowd, Divot the Clown looked suspiciously like a former professional player. He is.

“I used to play the mini-tours for a few years, but I’m not a very good putter,” said Compare, who is also head professional at the Total Performance Golf School in Vass, N.C. “I can hit all the other clubs, but there’s one club that doesn’t come out of Divot’s bag, and that’s the putter.”

The Hartford Courant